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House Of The Devil, The Innkeepers, The Sacrament

“Tom Hodge establishes himself as the foremost authority in VHS Box-Art... You can’t judge a film by its box-cover... But if you could, these would be the greatest films of all time.”


VHS: Video cover art is a unique and largely lost art-form that represents a period of unabashed creativity during the 80s and 90s video rental boom. A succulently indulgent blend of design, illustration, typography and hilarious copy-writing. where art and film came together in a visual orgy of moustached muscled men, buxom beauties, big explosions, phallic guns, and nightmare-inducing monsters.

Curated by Tom ‘The Dude Designs’ Hodge, poster artist extraordinaire and VHS obsessive. Over 240 amazing, complete video sleeves in this incredible collection of Action, Comedy, Horror, Kids, Sci-Fi and Thriller genres. With a special foreword by fellow VHS obsessive, Mondo's very own Justin Ishmael.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, some are incredible works of art, some insane, some perfectly capture the tone of the films, some capture that tone even better than the films themselves, and some have the most tenuous link imaginable! But all are amazing and inspiring works of art, which will captivate the imagination, along with feelings of excitement and wonder, like stepping back into your local video store once again.


Jason Eisener

Hobo With A Shotgun, Treevenge, VHS 2

“When Tom sent me the poster for Hobo With a Shotgun I knew from there that I met an artist who is on the same page and is speaking my language!”

About the author
the author: Tom Hodge, the Dude Designs

Tom Hodge is The Dude Designs - an independent art director, designer, digital artist and author. He has been solely responsible for such international poster campaigns as Hobo with a Shotgun, The Innkeepers, The Sacrament and The Heat among many others.

Tom creates unique, strong commercial imagery which sells films and gains them invaluable coverage in specialised genre and mainstream sites across the web, from Entertainment Weekly to Perez Hilton.

He has also gained industry-wide recognition for his designs via polls from Screen Rant (“Best film poster of the year”), Yahoo, MTV News, Rotten Tomatoes, Bloody Disgusting, Business Insider and Total Film. Many of these polls have contained up to three posters from The Dude Designs, enabling small independent titles like Wolfcop to sit side-by-side with million-dollar poster marketing campaigns for big studio blockbusters.

Tom is an industry recognised figure and has regularly been interviewed for the BBC News and Vice websites, along with numerous others. He has also had features in magazines worldwide, such as Rue Morgue (Canada), Front (UK), Virus (Germany), FHM (Spain), Imagine FX (UK). As well as guest appearances at events like Empire Magazine’s 02 Arena film expo and conventions like Weekend of Horrors - Europe’s largest horror con.

"VHS: Video Cover Art" is his first book to take a comprehensive look at the spectacular forgotten artwork of UK video covers from the 80s and 90s and it will be released in the USA in May 2015.

Lloydd Kaufman

Troma Entertainment

“VHS covers are art and the spirit of the movie depends on creativity.”


Dan Kinem

Dan Kinem Adjust Your Tracking

“If you miss the days of your youth when video stores still existed, then you owe it to yourself to relive that experience through these pages.”